5 Benefits of Non Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

When your body’s stores of estrogen decrease — whether due to pregnancy and childbirth, menopause, or cancer treatments — you may notice unwanted changes in your vulva and vagina. Your vaginal walls no longer secrete enough lubricant during sex to minimize friction.

You may feel itchy and uncomfortable, especially when wearing tight pants or stockings. You may also have trouble holding urine for long periods or may leak or spot when you cough, sneeze or laugh.

While you want to revive your sex life and feel more comfortable and confident again, you’d prefer to reverse your symptoms without drugs or surgery. At V-Revive in Jackson, Mississippi, our medical team offers only nonsurgical therapies to reverse or improve unwanted changes in your vulva and vagina. We select from a variety of state-of-the-art technologies and treatments, including:

Each vaginal rejuvenation therapy at V-Revive restores your vagina’s function and appearance by stimulating your body’s healing response and collagen-remodeling processes. By building healthy new tissue in your vagina and vulva, you can expect the following benefits:

1. Sex feels better to you

After menopause, you may start to dread sex. Because your vagina stays dry and no longer lubricates well during sex, intercourse is painful or even unbearable.

Our vaginal rejuvenation therapies create thicker, healthier vaginal tissues that respond just like your vagina did when you were younger. From the arousal phase onward, your vagina produces plenty of lubricating moisture to make sexual intercourse exciting and pleasurable again.

2. Sex feels better to your partner, too

As your vagina wall rebuilds itself with fresh new collagen and elastin — stimulated by either laser heat, radiofrequency energy, or PRP —your vaginal skin and muscles tighten, too. Your partner will feel the difference during intercourse, and so will you. A tighter vagina increases sensations and excitement for both of you.

3.  Your orgasms are quicker and more intense

All of the vaginal rejuvenation therapies at V-Revive do more than restore your vaginal wall. The healing energy affects your vulvar tissues, too, including your clitoris and “G-spot,” to help you achieve better and more orgasms.

If you’ve noticed a decrease in pleasure or the intensity of your orgasms — or if you’ve never been able to have an orgasm — your V-Revive doctor may recommend the O-Shot. The O-Shot delivers the healing powers of your own blood’s platelets to increase sensitivity and orgasmic response.

4. Your genitals look and feel younger and plumper

Even if you never did the “mirror check” as a younger woman, you might be able to feel and see that your vulva isn’t as plump and full and youthful as it used to be. You may notice that your labia are shriveled looking or sagging. Or you may have a skin disorder known as lichen sclerosis, in which your vulvar skin appears shiny and spotted.

As your vagina rejuvenates with fresh new collagen and elastin, your vulva and labia rebuild themselves, too. You’ll notice a tighter, more youthful appearance that will make you feel confident and sexy again.

5. You have less or no urinary incontinence

You don’t have to squeeze your legs together or run to the bathroom when you feel a sneeze, cough, or laugh coming on anymore. Vaginal rejuvenation treatments extend to all of your urogenital tissues, including your bladder and urethra. You’ll be able to hold onto urine longer, with less urgency, and fewer leaks.

Vaginal rejuvenation only takes a few minutes and is pain-free. To restore your vulva, labia, and vagina and feel pleasure again, call us today to book an appointment or use the online form to schedule a phone consultation.

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