Does Vaginal Dryness Get in the Way of Your Better Life?

You know the feeling.

Clothes feel restrictive and downright irritating. Even your favorite pair of jeans — the soft, broken-in pair that’s always your go-to friend — isn’t feeling so friendly.

And sex? What was once an active, vital part of your and your partner’s lives has become something to dodge, rather than delight in — increasingly less pleasurable for the pain and discomfort that comes with it.

You’re not alone.

It’s a sensitive subject about an intimate area but it’s a topic women needn’t shy away from addressing, especially now that better non-surgical technologies and treatments are available to help.

V-REVIVE offers a suite of non-surgical options to improve your vaginal health, sexual wellness and quality of life.


Vaginal Dryness and Discomfort

Vaginal dryness and discomfort can affect women of any age, but it’s fairly common in women after menopause. Falling levels of the estrogen that keeps the vagina healthy, thick and lubricated results in a vagina that’s thinner, less elastic and less moist.

The condition can be especially worrisome for younger women, menopausal after a hysterectomy or cancer therapies — especially breast cancer patients taking anti-estrogens, which amp up and worsen the symptoms.

The vagina suffers. The vaginal walls thin and lose elasticity, which can cause itching, burning and drying, plus it makes sexual intercourse painful. So, you suffer.

Other options may not work for you — from the messiness or regimen of vaginal creams or concerns with hormone replacement therapies.

Quality of life issues aren’t far behind. The lack of closeness and physical intimacy with your partner can take its toll. So, your relationship suffers.

Your daily comfort, both physical and emotional, is affected. Your confidence starts to erode and your general sense of well-being and satisfaction right along with it.

Don’t let vaginal dryness and discomfort get in the way of the life you should be living.


V-Revive and Vaginal Rejuvenation

Issues women once thought they’d have to suffer in silence and just accept are now square in the sights of several treatments at the forefront of the non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation field that can revitalize the vagina’s look and feel.

V-REVIVE ’s collection of non-surgical therapies, all in one place, can offer a personalized approach to treat your particular needs, help restore your feminine comfort and confidence and help you reclaim your best possible self.

The spa-like clinic is a natural outgrowth of Dr. Robert Harris’  nearly 20-year urogynecology practice, Southeast Urogyn, in Jackson, Mississippi.

Dr. Harris founded V-REVIVE , serves as its chief medical director and developed its strict clinical protocol and corporate training.

V-REVIVE’s professional, relaxed setting helps make these vaginal conditions — so intimate, personal and confidential — easier to discuss, address and treat. Women have the security of the medical knowledge and experience that stand behind the clinic. Dr. Harris and chief nursing officer Meg Foster personally train the V-REVIVE Specialists, certified nurses who continue to learn ways to change women’s lives for the better.


Energizing Treatments

A range of energy-based devices  and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections are tools used in V-REVIVE ’s mission to help women at every stage with these most personal of concerns.

CO2® laser energy (brand names MonaLisa Touch®  and CO2RE® Intima ) for vaginal rejuvenation treats the symptoms of vaginal atrophy and laxity, and also burning, itching and dryness. Women experiencing mild problems with urinary incontinence or with cystitis, who haven’t responded to other treatments, are good candidates for the treatment, too.

Laser treatments rejuvenate the vaginal tissue with new collagen growth, restoring natural lubrications and easing discomfort. A less ablative setting than that used for facial skin resurfacing creates little micro injuries to the vaginal skin, which creates new collagen growth to repair it.

“A matrix of new collagen comes in, you get new moisture, the moisture’s held in place by this matrix and so women suddenly have moisture in their vaginas,” Dr. Harris said. Lubrication again — the real deal. Like it used to be, many say.

V-REVIVE’s founder was skeptical, too, when he first read about and then checked out the laser treatment two years ago in Cincinnati, at one of two U.S. sites doing studies. The treatment has been done in Italy since 2008. He asked the women straight up. “A simple one-minute laser’s going to make them that much better? But, it did. … They were telling me, ‘You wouldn’t believe it, I’m so much better.’”

For best results, an initial three-treatment package involves in-office treatments with four to six weeks in-between. Safe, quick and on the average, virtually pain-free, the laser energy treatment requires no anesthesia and no recovery time.

The slim cylindrical handpiece is put to the top of the vagina and turned round and round, moving at a constant speed to get the best results and treat as much area as possible. With the vagina’s lack of sensory nerves past about a centimeter, there’s no pain from burning or anything like that. Most say it feels a bit like a fluttering sensation or light vibration inside the vagina.

An additional once-a-year treatment typically maintains the moisture and function. Women with more severe problems or who’ve been in menopause longer may want additional treatments before the annual date.

“We do whatever we need to do to try to help them. It’s not all about lasers or estrogen. … We’re treating them. It’s not just a laser clinic.

“It’s no different than my practice has been my whole life,” Harris said. “It’s just a new tool,” that can help women he never thought he’d be able to help.

ThermiVa®  uses radio frequency energy, gently heating the tissue. Its use inside and outside the vulva can change your vaginal appearance, tightening sagging skin. With increased blood flow into the area, tissue swells some and often stays that way for quite some time. It doesn’t create as much heat as the laser, so the treatment may activate collagen but probably not generate new collagen growth.

Every woman who reaches a certain age will get sagginess of the vulva — a condition that, in this day and age of Brazilian waxing, fashion trends and more, most of them hate. With no risk of scarring, the treatment is often used more for cosmetic reasons,  though most say they feel a tighter, snugger vagina and some have reported increased clitoral sensation after treatment.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) — a portion of the patient’s blood used to promote soft tissue healing in other parts of the body — can also have a role in vaginal treatment in the O-Shot. In this treatment, the woman’s own blood is drawn and spun down to leave the layer of platelet rich plasma. With a little salt solution, the platelets’ growth factors are released, gently mixed, drawn up and re-injected into the clitoris, the vagina or sometimes areas of the vulva that have chronic irritation.


A Personalized Approach

combination of therapies may best address your symptoms and achieve the best results for you. For instance if you’re dry inside, wrinkled outside and want PRP to increase sexual response, your treatment may be an internal laser, external ThermiVa®  and O-Shot®.

Specialists are trained to talk to patients about their desires and goals, and V-REVIVE’s range of therapies can provide a convenient, customized approach to address your particular concerns.

Schedule a complimentary phone consultation or call 844-487-3848 to learn more about these services and the possibilities for a rejuvenated you. A range of payment options are available, including all major credit cards, as well as 6-month, 12-month and 18-month interest-free plans through the convenient CareCredit card.


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