How MonaLisa Touch Can Relieve Symptoms of Cystitis

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Cystitis is an inflammation of your bladder that causes a range of uncomfortable symptoms. Causes vary — from bacterial urinary tract infection (UTI) to age-related changes in the tissues that line your bladder — but the end result is a range of uncomfortable symptoms. If you have cystitis, you may experience:

If you notice blood in your urine or experience intense pelvic pain, contact us at V-Revive in Jackson, Mississippi, right away.

In addition to treating UTIs, V-Revive’s chief medical director Dr. Robert Harris and his expert team specialize in nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation with the MonaLisa Touch® laser. What does vaginal rejuvenation have to do with cystitis? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

A healthy vagina fights infections

MonaLisa Touch is a relaxing, rejuvenating treatment that directs healing laser heat throughout the length of your vaginal canal. The energy from the laser stimulates treated tissue to renew and rebuild itself with healthy new strands of the proteins collagen and elastin.

A normal, healthy vagina secretes moisture that has a pH between 3.8 and 4.5, which means that it’s slightly acidic. As you age and your vaginal tissues begin to break down, the pH of your secretions increases, edging them more toward being basic rather than acidic.

The trouble is, an acidic pH helps kill bacteria in your vagina to keep your urogenital tract healthy. One the pH starts to rise, you may become more susceptible to the bacteria that cause UTIs and cystitis.

After a series of up to three treatments with the MonaLisa Touch, your vagina and other tissues begin to look, feel, and act like younger tissues. The volume of your vaginal secretions increases, and the pH decreases to normal, slightly acidic, bacteria-killing levels. You experience fewer UTIs and fewer symptoms of cystitis after your treatment.

Vaginal rejuvenation affects surrounding tissues too

MonaLisa touch also improves interstitial cystitis (IC), which is commonly referred to as “painful bladder syndrome.” If you have IC, you may not have a problem with infections or have other risk factors for cystitis, such as radiation and chemical exposures.

Doctors and patients are sometimes frustrated by IC, because the cause can’t always be pinpointed. Physical symptoms are similar to cystitis caused by a UTI.

Although the MonaLisa treatment wand is applied inside your vagina or on your vulvar tissues, the healing heat reaches deep into your entire urogenital system. The tissues affected by the soothing, healing laser energy include your:

During a series of up to three treatments, your tissues remodel themselves with strengthening collagen and elastin. Your organs gain tone and strength, so you’re better able to hold your urine and control flow.

Comfort brings more comfort

MonaLisa Touch treatments are relaxing. Some women report feeling relief after just one session. We may recommend a series of up to three treatments for optimal improvement, leaving about six weeks between each session.

Each treatment only takes about five minutes in the comfort of our V-Revive office. You need to refrain from sexual intercourse for a week after each treatment. But other than that, there’s no downtime at all.

As your urogenital tissues remodel themselves with healthy new collagen and elastin over the next few weeks to months, your symptoms improve. You also notice improved sexual response, a tighter vagina, and more comfort during sex.


Help your body heal itself by rejuvenating your urogenital tissues with MonaLisa Touch. For an IC or UTI evaluation or treatment, contact us by phone or use the online form to request a consultation.

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