How the O-Shot Can Improve Your Sexual Confidence This Year

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While most men are pretty famously obsessed with their sexual organs, women tend to be a little more circumspect. Even after decades of women and girls raising their own body awareness, what goes on “down there” is literally more hidden and therefore tends toward the mysterious.

So you might find yourself surprised when — due to aging, pregnancy, injury, or other reasons — your lady decides to take a break. Or maybe she never really knew what to do and has always left you feeling unsatisfied with sex.

Or it could be that you’re quite aware of your vulvar and vaginal regions and have noticed that they’re undergoing the same physical changes that your face and the rest of your body are. Your vulva and labia skin is thinner and droopier than it used to be. Your doctor may have diagnosed you with atrophic vaginitis, a condition in which your vulvar and vaginal tissues degenerate and cease to lubricate normally.

Worst of all, you may not only have trouble achieving orgasm, or have less intense orgasms than you did when younger; sex might actually hurt. Because your vaginal walls aren’t lubricating as well, the friction during intercourse causes pain.

A one-shot solution

Luckily, you don’t have to take a pill whenever you want sex, as aging men with erectile dysfunction do. You can revive and rejuvenate your vulvar, labial, and vaginal tissues with a simple injectable therapy at V-Revive in Jackson, Mississippi. This cutting-edge injection is called the O-Shot®, and it’s made from your own rich, nourishing blood.

A few minutes to rejuvenation

The O-Shot is a form of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, on which athletes have relied for nearly a decade to rejuvenate torn ligaments and tendons and accelerate fracture healing.  Preparing the PRP is a simple procedure. At V-Revive, we withdraw a small amount of blood from your arm, similar to the process of drawing blood for a test.

Your blood is then placed in a special, sterile centrifuge that spins away plasma (liquid) from solids, such as platelets and red and white blood cells. The centrifuge spins further to isolate the highest quality platelets.

Harnessing the healing

Platelets are the portion of your blood that causes it to coagulate when you’re wounded. They’re rich with healing substances known as growth factors. After we re-mix the platelets with a small amount of your plasma, we inject the healing liquid into your cleaned and numbed vaginal and vulvar areas.

The O-Shot hits the spot

Injection points may include the “G” spot inside your vagina as well as your clitoris. The O-shot instantly infuses your tissues, nourishing them so that they can rebuild themselves to increase function and sensitivity. The PRP triggers your vaginal tissues to remodel themselves with new collagen and elastin so that your vagina actually becomes both thicker and tighter.

Many women notice an immediate difference in the way they feel. V-Revive founder and chief medical officer Dr. Robert Harris recommends abstaining from sex for a few days while you heal from the injections.

Within days, women often report increased responsiveness, sensitivity, and lubrication, as well as more and more intense orgasms. Benefits continue to accrue for about three months and can last for up to three years.

A face-lift for your …

Just as PRP is now used after microneedling treatments to rejuvenate your facial skin, the O-Shot also improves the thickness, juiciness, and appearance of your vulva and labia. You not only feel and respond better and with more youthful vigor, but the look of your vaginal and vulvar tissues are richer and thicker, too.

The entire ‘neighborhood’ benefits

The O-Shot does more than increase orgasms and rejuvenate the appearance of your vulva and vagina. The benefits of the injected growth factors and stem cells revive your entire urogenital tract, improving embarrassing symptoms such as incontinence and frequent urination.


The O-Shot must be administered by highly trained medical professional who’s been certified as as an O-Shot specialist. To set up your consultation, call us now or use the online form to book an O-Shot appointment.

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