Renewed Confidence and the Return of That Special Spark

This isn’t the sort of thing anyone’s going to volunteer at the Thanksgiving table, when family and friends recount their gratitude for the blessings bestowed and good fortune found in the previous year.

The topic’s too intimate for general conversation.

But that doesn’t mean these women aren’t grateful.

Symptoms that women for decades simply suffered in silence or dealt with in less-than-satisfactory ways, are now the target of innovative, non-surgical procedures that offer real help.

When something can put the lift back in your feminine confidence and the spark back in your bedroom, that’s a solution worth celebrating.

V-REVIVE’s suite of all the latest non-surgical therapies can address your particular symptoms, ranging from mild incontinence to vaginal dryness and more, with a personalized approach for vaginal rejuvenation.

Just see what V-REVIVE therapies added to these women’s lives.



She’d needed a full episiotomy with her first birth at age 21, because of the broadness of her baby’s shoulders and her own small frame. Her second, six years later, had to be delivered by Caesarean section.

“After I had the full episiotomy with the first child, the doctor did a good job sewing me up,” she says. “I never really felt like, ‘Oh, I’m just not quite enough.’”

Sex was always OK, she says, and she’d never had an issue with lubrication and moisture. “I didn’t have complaints, so you just don’t think that there’s anything wrong.”

At 39, her only concern, though, was the stress incontinence that she’d started to notice over the past five or six years, when she’d sneeze, jump on the trampoline or jump rope.

Divorced, and in a serious relationship, she’d only told her partner she was going to have a procedure to treat the stress incontinence. “I just wanted to know if he noticed the difference.”

She had internal and external ThermiVa® treatments, which uses radio frequency heat to treat the inside of the vagina and an O-Shot®, which uses injections of platelet-rich plasma to enhance sensation.

“He noticed a huge difference. I could tell a difference just by the way he acted,” thrilled with the tightness and moisture, she says. “You could tell it was genuine.”

“I hadn’t had any complaints before. And I’d have known if I’d been too loose. … It wasn’t even like that. It’s just that you have that much enhancement.” And, that was after the first treatment.

“If I could tell all these women, you need to do it,” she says. After babies and the busy lives that follow, your own personal issues might take a back seat. You embrace the new stages of life, and might just accept the drawbacks that come with it. Or you might be too shy or embarrassed to bring up highly personal concerns like leakage.

“It did help some with that,” she says, noting that she’d also had a series of laser treatments, the MonaLisa Touch®, on that area in the past that had helped more, but the benefit had lessened over time. “You would definitely need maintenance with that.”

Studies show laser treatment can be a positive strategy for treating mild incontinence.

“As far as the other (ThermiVa®), in plumping the tissue up because it gets kind of lax — it just really does that,” she says. “It makes it prettier, too.

“I enjoy it more, because I know he’s enjoying it more.” Thanks to the O-Shot®, she has clitoral sensation that she hadn’t experienced before.

“I feel confident. I don’t worry about that part anymore — wondering … is it really tight enough? I don’t know if other women think that, but I think that, after having two kids and having a full episiotomy.

“I’m thankful for the renewed confidence I have, and the restored femininity,” she says. “I just feel more like a woman, because I feel like I can please my boyfriend.

“It makes me more excited and turned on, that I can turn him on.”



Wed 23 years to her second husband, another woman — mother of one and grandmother of one — has a successful business and a rosy picture on the outside, at age 63.

The picture in the bedroom, not so much. She’d had a hysterectomy at around age 39, and has been on hormone replacement therapy for a while. But in the past year and a half, her lubrication had decreased significantly, and no amount of stimulation was making that work.

Vaginal dryness and decreased libido because of that were putting the brakes on her love life. Gels weren’t getting the job done either.

“The whole process of trying to get everything lubricated kind of kills everything,” she says. She heard about procedures to help from her aesthetician, and she and her husband researched the therapies on the internet. Worth a try, they decided.

She had the internal laser treatment, external ThermiVa® and an O-Shot®. She’d been told to expect she might not notice much after the first treatment, but after the second and third, she’d really be able to tell a difference.

“The laser treatment and the ThermiVa®, I have been tee-totally satisfied with that. … Omigosh, it was just like night-and-day difference. Totally changed my outlook about even having sex with my husband again,” she says.

“Everything started lubricating again, and it just makes a huge difference! Definitely, from that aspect of it, I give it 100 A+, two or three times!” She had the recommended series of three laser treatments and “I will definitely go back” for the recommended annual followup.

She’d never had any problems achieving orgasm before, but noticed the intensity was a bit different after the O-Shot®.

“Not everybody’s comfortable talking about it openly,” she says of issues such as vaginal dryness. “But because my relationship with my husband was important enough for me to want to do something, I just had to get over that.”

On the thankful front, a couple of things make her list. “Just restoring the spontaneity to our sex life, because of the lubrication issue,” she says. She’d nearly lost something else along the way. You know that spark you get when you encounter someone special? “I remember when I first met my husband. You get that tingly feeling? That had just stopped.”

“That was restored once I had the treatments.” That tingle is back, and the desire right along with it.



V-REVIVE in Jackson, Mississippi, is a natural outgrowth of Dr. Robert Harris’ nearly 20-year urogynecology practice, Southeast Urogyn. The spa-like clinic has a whole suite of the latest non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation therapies and a mission to help women at every stage of life.

Intimate issues are easy to discuss and address in a relaxed, professional setting, with experienced VR Specialists, nurses certified and highly trained in the protocols of theses therapies. Non-surgical, in-office treatments require no anesthesia, down time or recovery.

Therapy options include: the CO2 laser therapy systems MonaLisa Touch and CO2RE Intima, treating vaginal dryness, discomfort and irritation; ThermiVA, using radio frequency energy to improve appearance, tightness and sensation; and the O-Shot, to enhance sexual response.



A combination of treatments may best address your particular situation and symptoms. Talk with a VR Specialist about your goals, to find an optimal, personalized approach to your unique concerns.

Schedule a free phone consultation or call 844-487-3848 to learn more about V-REVIVE’s services and the possibilities for renewed feminine confidence and comfort ahead.

Several payment options are available, including all major credit cards, and 6-month, 12-month or 18-month interest-free plans through the convenient CareCredit card.

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