Reviving Your Sex Life with the O-Shot

For years now, men have had an advantage in the struggle to improve sexual performance, which naturally deteriorates with age. One pill and, for many, the problem was solved. The body changes that most women experience through perimenopause and menopause are often too complex to address with such a simple solution.

When it comes to enjoying sex, the freedom from worry about pregnancy can be offset by physical conditions that interfere with performance and enjoyment.

Using advances in regenerative medicine technology, doctors are now able to offer women a one-stop solution that, in many cases, improves the ease and intensity of orgasm and that is as revolutionary as any erectile dysfunction medication. The O-Shot® may be exactly the solution you’re after to restore vigor and vitality to your sex life.

The science behind the O-Shot

The fundamental principle behind the O-Shot is a regenerative medicine technique that’s gaining ground in many other medical fields: platelet-rich plasma therapy. Less than one tablespoon of blood is drawn from your arm, the same way it would be for lab testing. Running this sample through a centrifuge concentrates platelets, a blood component that most people know as the clotting factor in blood.

Platelets also carry human growth factors, a component that naturally aids your body’s regenerative systems. Injected strategically into your genitalia, the growth factors in the O-Shot augment those naturally occurring in your body, giving a boost to natural healing.

With the lower hormone loads in your body after menopause, the body’s restorative systems often don’t keep up with tissue deterioration, so the O-Shot adds a boost that helps your body catch up.

The benefits of the O-Shot

There are many therapeutic benefits possible with the O-Shot.

Menopause and pregnancy can each take a toll on your vagina and the body systems in the pelvic region. Many women suffer stress and urge urinary incontinence after childbirth or menopause, and some even experience fecal incontinence. Menopause and breast cancer treatments can cause vaginal dryness, which may result in pain or discomfort when having sex.

The O-Shot’s regenerative boost can show marked improvements to all these symptoms. These alone can provide a boost to your health and spirit that makes sex enjoyable again, but that’s not where the benefits end.

A boost to your sex drive

Libido can disappear after pregnancy or menopause, for both physical and psychological reasons. While the O-Shot can’t boost your emotional response directly, increases to physical sensitivity and responsiveness have a powerful effect on your sex drive, enough that you may be drawn back into enjoyment of intimacy, no matter what combination of factors may be at play.

The tissues of your vaginal walls regain some of their youthful fullness, providing improved lubrication and tightness, two important keys for the enjoyment of both partners. It’s called the O-Shot for good reason. Even women who previously found it difficult to achieve orgasm find that it’s much easier to climax after O-Shot treatments.

If the effects of childbirth or menopause have taken a toll on your sex drive, call or click to make an appointment with V-Revive today to find out if the O-Shot is right for you.

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