Take Care of You; Tips for Starting a Self-Care Regimen

What does self-care mean to you? Is it a critical part of your day, or is it something you’ve meant to do but just haven’t found time for? Or, perhaps you see self-care as an overused buzzword.

There’s no right or wrong answer, but self-care can be a valuable resource for managing stress and certain aspects of your health, stabilizing your mood, and figuring out what matters to you most. And, contrary to what you may think, it doesn’t (necessarily) mean scarfing down pizza or chugging red wine. Self-care should make you feel good, but you’ll benefit most by doing something that’s good for your body as well.

If you’re ready to learn more, we’ve got a few ideas to get you started. Remember: New routines can be daunting, but you don’t have to jump into everything at once. Take it one step at a time, choosing a few items that are easiest to integrate into your daily life. The more you tailor your routine to your needs, the more self-care can improve your outlook.



Don’t let old stereotypes of meditation deter you from the practice. Meditation doesn’t require subscribing to religious beliefs, and it certainly doesn’t mean detaching from the world around you. In many ways, in fact, meditation can put you more in touch with your world. It’s about taking time to connect with yourself and recognize how you’re feeling.

A good place to start is an app like Headspace or Calm, which offer guided sessions for newcomers and experienced meditators alike. Try not to judge yourself when you find your thoughts have strayed during meditation because a wandering mind is natural. Part of the practice’s self-care benefit is in learning to accept your thoughts and emotions – and being willing to put them aside when necessary.


Talk to a Friend

So easy, right? Well, maybe. Life moves so quickly sometimes that we can forget how important it is to maintain friendships. Discussing your day with a partner or spouse is wonderful, but there’s a different value in talking things through with an old friend.

Next time you feel anxious or upset, for example, your first inclination might be to crawl into bed to sleep it off. But that kind of reaction can end up isolating you further. If there’s a friend who might empathize with what you’re going through, why not reach out to her instead? She could be just as grateful as you for the chance to talk things out.



And we don’t just mean the kind you do in a gym. Even short walks outside during your lunch break can boost your mood, and they can often clear your mind as well. Longer, more intense exercise sessions are great too, of course, but don’t try to force yourself into something you hate. If you despise everything about running – and lots of people do – find something else that feels good and healthy to you. The idea is to take care of yourself, not punish yourself.

Exercise goes hand in hand with getting enough sleep. Sometimes, curtailed sleep is inevitable, but making rest a priority in your life can be powerful. You’ll perform better physically when you sleep enough, and you’ll likely sleep better when you’re getting regular exercise.


Do What Feels Beautiful (even down there!)

Physical appearance can have a big effect on our emotions. You might feel more prepared for a work meeting, for example, if you’re wearing your favorite outfit. It can be tempting to dismiss physical concerns as vanity, but when you feel better about how you look, you’ll feel better about yourself.

Your idea of beauty is personal and important, and doing what feels right to you can be empowering. Which is why if you’ve ever felt self-conscious about your vaginal appearance, V-Revive may be able to help.

Sagging vulvar skin, wrinkling, enlarged labia, excessive tissue covering the clitoris, or even poor vaginal tone are often the result of genetics, childbirth and aging. While our treatments can’t change the size of the labia, they can improve tone, increase sensation, and improve appearance. Our V-SHAPE therapy, powered by THERMIva®, is an ideal, non-surgical external laser treatment for women who want to enhance sexual function, improve orgasm, and regain a more youthful vaginal look and feel. Call us today to find out if V-REVIVE is right for you.

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