That's What Friends Are For

For good times and bad times, they’ll be on your side forevermore. As Dionne Warwick crooned, that’s what friends are for.

That, and sometimes for talking about your vagina.

No, you don’t have to detail every little bit, nip or tuck a la the ladies of the Real Housewives franchise. But having a close friend to confide in can deepen your friendship and relieve anxiety you might have about vaginal health. Talking to a friend can also reassure you that you aren’t alone. Whatever you’re going through, your best girlfriend(s) might be dealing with the same issues.

We know: It’s hard to open up about intimate health issues. Whether you’re discussing it with your partner, your doctor or your friend, vaginal wellness can feel like an awkward conversation topic. But chatting with a friend can be beneficial for both you and her. Friends may have the same reservations as you, and talking frankly can help you understand you’re not alone in your concerns. Honesty creates a free space to open up about whatever you want to, whether it’s your favorite reality show or concerns about your vaginal health.

You may also find you have an ally and a fellow fighter in health issues. Do you suffer from vaginal dryness? Maybe your friends do too. What about incontinence? Your closest gal pals may have some tips to share or recommendations on treatment. At V-Revive, our skilled medical professionals can help you address a wide variety of wellness concerns.

You never know what others are dealing with, and how they may relate to you, until you release your anxieties. Pour a few cups of coffee (or a few glasses of wine), and discuss what’s been bothering you. A support circle of people who know you and care – who can lift you up – is a beautiful and necessary asset to your life.

Sometimes a friend can even make you laugh at situations that once provoked anxiety. Think about it: How many times has retelling a story to a friend given a situation a more positive light? Creating that safe space can add humor and comfort to uncomfortable situations caused by menopause, post-birth recovery, and more. While those deep, meaningful conversations are important, remembering to laugh can be even more so.

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