ThermiVa: Who Is This Treatment For and How Can I Prepare For It?

FDA-cleared ThermiVa

Aging may bring wisdom, but it also comes with a lot of unwelcome physical changes. If it weren’t enough to combat the signs of aging on your face, you’ve also noticed some changes in your vagina and vulva. You don’t look as “pretty” as you did when younger, and — worst of all — sex isn’t feeling as hot, either.

You may have heard the buzz about vaginal and labial rejuvenation procedures, but surgery just isn’t for you. And even though you’ve noticed that you don’t lubricate as well as you used to, which makes sex downright uncomfortable, you’re not comfortable with going on hormone replacement therapy, either.

FDA-cleared ThermiVa® is a nonsurgical, nonablative, hormone-free therapy that simultaneously rejuvenates both vaginal and vulvar tissues. At V-Revive in Jackson, Mississippi, our aesthetic professionals restore tone and vitality in a series of V-Tight treatments using the soothing heat of ThermiVa’s radiofrequency (RF) energy.

Is V-Tight with ThermiVa right for you? Ask yourself the following questions to discover the answer for yourself:

Is sex kinda humdrum?

If you’ve noticed a decrease in sensation during sex or have difficulty climaxing, this may be due to the atrophy resulting from a decrease in collagen and elastin, the building blocks of skin, as well as decreased blood flow to your vagina and clitoris.

ThermiVa uses the power of RF energy to stimulate your tissues to remodel themselves with new collagen and elastin, which simultaneously increases blood flow to your tissues. The result is increased sensitivity to maximize pleasure and orgasmic potential.

Is your vagina looser?

The loss of collagen and elastin that accompanies aging affects your muscles, too. ThermiVa not only re-models your vaginal skin, but tones the surrounding muscles. You’ll have a tighter vagina that allows you and your partner to experience more intense pleasure during intercourse.

Does sex actually hurt?

When your vaginal skin lacks collagen, it doesn’t create as much lubricant as it did when healthy, strong, and youthful. The lack of lubrication translates into a drier vagina and increased friction during intercourse. ThermiVa treatments restore the health of your vaginal tissues so that they provide sufficient lubricant to maximize comfort and excitement during sex.

Do your labia look thinner and saggier?

You’ve heard about labiaplasty, the surgery that revives and changes the appearance of your labia and vulva, but you don’t want anything that invasive. Nevertheless, you’ve noticed that you’ve lost your youthful plumpness and also your confidence about how you look.

ThermiVa not only restores your vagina, its unique S-shaped handle also transmits healing heat to your inner labia and outer labia, so they tighten and plump for a more youthful appearance.

Do you want to avoid hormone therapy?

If vaginal atrophy, dryness, and lack of sensation are your main peri- or postmenopausal complaints and you don’t want hormone therapy, ThermiVa may be your best choice. You get the rejuvenating advantages of a tighter, more lubricated and toned vagina without the side effects of chemical hormones.

Do you like ease and relaxation?

If you’re all about self-care and pampering, you can add V-Tight treatments with ThermiVa to your to-do list. Each V-Tight session is conducted in a private, relaxing space with a spa-like atmosphere. You lie back on the treatment table during your V-Tight for maximum relaxation.

V-Tight only takes a few minutes to administer. Most women find they need a series of at least three treatments to achieve their rejuvenation goals. The V-Revive team recommends yearly touch-ups to keep you feeling youthful and responsive over the long term.

Are you ready for sex?

Be prepared to feel sexier than ever after your V-Tight treatments with ThermiVa. If that means a trip to a special lingerie or “toy” store, go ahead and splurge.

It all starts by booking a consultation at V-Revive. Call us or use the online form today.

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