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Having children is a transformational experience for most women. For many, though, the changes aren’t merely in the day-to-day activities and on an emotional level. Childbirth through vaginal delivery can have a dramatic physical impact on your vagina and pelvic floor muscles, creating issues like vaginal laxityand incontinence. The V-Revive team help women get back to feeling like themselves again. Call or book an appointment online at their Jackson, Mississippi, office today.

Childbirth Q & A

What types of changes can childbirth have on your vagina and sexual health?

During delivery the vagina stretches to maximum capacity, which is different for every woman. Some women are able to deliver their baby without requiring a surgical incision, while others aren’t. Both may experience vaginal tears during childbirth. Even women who have a C-section may push prior and develop similar issues. Regardless of the individual situation, your vagina will be different than before childbirth, as will the muscles and organs surrounding your vagina.

Some common issues that can occur after childbirth to your vagina include:

Vaginal laxity

A loss of vaginal tightness, or laxity, can cause a lack of sensation during sexual intercourse.


When the pelvic floor muscles, which keep the uterus and bladder in place, are injured or stretched during labor and delivery, incontinence may occur.

Vaginal dryness and discomfort

After childbirth and especially while breastfeeding, vaginal dryness can occur, resulting in painful intercourse.


Is it possible to restore your vagina to pre-childbirth condition?

The vagina is composed of elastic tissue so it’s naturally made to stretch. In fact, during delivery, it stretches to about the size of a bowling ball. For many women, the labor and delivery process permanently alters their vagina. Although it may never be the same as before, through treatment and time, it can function normally again.


What treatments are available to improve vaginal health after childbirth?

The V-Revive team helps patients restore their vaginal health through a variety of non-invasive treatments, including:

Laser energy treatment

Using the MonaLisa Touch® and CO2RE® Intima to address vaginal dryness and improve sexual function.

PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) injections

Called The O-Shot®, PRP injections are used to stimulate vaginal and clitoral sensations.

RF, or radio frequency energy treatment

Using ThermiVa® to stimulate collagen growth and increase blood flow and add back tightness and tone.

The professional V-Revive team is committed to helping women of all ages find the best treatment to enhance their quality of life and improve their vaginal health and sexual well-being. If you’ve been experiencing issues since delivering your child, call them today to get back to feeling like yourself again.


*Results vary from patient to patient